Anda Ghotala

Anda Ghotala is a spicy tomatoey scrambled egg dish served at most Pakistani Dhabas. Dhabas are roadside restaurants located on Pakistani and Indian highways that serve mouth-watering local cuisines and double as truck stops. When I worked in Karachi, we ordered lunch from a nearby Dhaba, and I ordered Anda Ghotala almost every other day….

Chicken Karahi

Karahi – one of the hallmarks of Pakistani cuisine is a traditional spicy curry comprising of meat stewed in a tomato yogurt base. The dish is named after the steep sided, wok-shaped pot it is usually cooked in. Karhai recipes vary from one region to another. Peshawari Karhai, Lahori Karhai, White Karhai, Koila Karhai, Balochi…